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Wisconsin Powder Coating Batch Oven

Model No. wisconsin_batch_oven Manufacturer: Wisconsin Oven


Our powder coating batch ovens are available in many standard sizes (custom sizes available on request) and is the ideal choice for powder curing applications. Powder coating ovens feature combination airflow arrangement which provides uniform air distribution along the entire length of the work chamber resulting in quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles. Our powder curing ovens are designed to prevent powder blow-off which reduces rework saving you time and money.

The powder coating batch oven offers excellent temperature uniformity which is a key component in providing you with a consistent, high quality curing results part after part! A low cost replaceable filter can be provided to help eliminate contamination and maintain a clean work chamber; gas-fired batch ovens are available with an optional combustion blower inlet filter.

In addition to powder curing batch ovens, Wisconsin Oven also designs and manufactures a wide-variety of ovens for continuous applications. Higher production volumes may be best served by an oven featuring an Overhead Trolley Conveyor or a Chain-On-Edge Conveyor (also known as a spindle conveyor) system.

Powder Coating Batch Oven features:

  • Many standard sizes and custom sizes available
  • Gas or electric heat
  • 500° F maximum temperature rating
  • Standard combination airflow pattern. Horizontal airflow design also available
  • High capacity direct drive blowers
  • Rattle proof adjustable ductwork
  • Modulating control on gas fired ovens
  • SSR power control on electrically heated curing ovens
  • FM, NFPA, & NEC compliant
  • Backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 5- Year WOW™ warranty.


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