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Spray Booth Filtration Sales

Schweitzer & Crosson maintains a large inventory of spray booth filtration products including but not limited to paint booth exhaust filters, powder booth exhaust filters and air intake filters. We stock most popular sizes and types of overspray media. If we do not have what you need in stock, custom sizes and media can be ordered.

The correct filter selection can be the difference between a perfect finish and a reject. Many issues such as dust contamination and turbulent airflow can be solved through the proper filter. Let us help you with that selection.

Most Popular Filtration Types:
  • Paint Pockets
  • Paper & Paper/Poly Media
  • Fiberglass Media
  • Andrea Media
  • Polyester Media
  • Air Intake Panels & Links
  • “Wave” Poly Filter
  • NESHAP Compliant Media Systems
  • Powder Coating Bag Filters
  • Powder Coating Cartridge Filters
  • Dust Collection Filters
  • HVAC Filters

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