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Spray Booth Sales

Schweitzer & Crosson specializes in spray booths for both painting and powder coating applications. We begin by reviewing your requirements. What are your part sizes? Production rate? Finish type and quality? Etc. We then select the proper booth design for your facility. Custom designs are sometimes needed, but often one of the many standard sizes fit the application perfectly.

Accessories, such as control panels,  variable speed fans, additional/LED lighting, various product doors, filter monitors, conveyor slots and exhaust duct are discussed and incorporated in both standard and custom projects. Additional equipment such as air make-up units, curing ovens, robotic sprayers and conveyors are often incorporated into projects as well. Turnkey installation services are also available through Schweitzer & Crosson.

Whether you are powder coating bicycle frames or painting helicopters – we can provide the proper spray booth. All spray booths are meticulously engineered to meet or exceed quality and safety standards including those of OSHA and NFPA as well as all applicable building code regulations.

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