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Kremlin 17.A2 Flowmax Pump

Model No. Model No. 151-730-700 Manufacturer: Sames Kremlin

Price: $4,839.90


The 17.A2 FLOWMAX® pump is equipped with an easy-to-maintain valve assembly sealed with Superlife bellow seal ensuring no leakages. Large passages for fluid discharge are all encased in a stainless steel housing that is made compatible with water-based materials. Flowmax technology allows for total sealing between the pump and the surroundings. Pressure ratio: 17/1. Fluid volume per cycle (cm3): 60. Number of cycles per litre of products: 16. Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn (l/mn): 1.8. Free Flow Rate: 3.6 Air consumption (m3/h) at 30 cycles/mn at 4 bar: 11. Maximum air inlet pressure (bar): 6. Max Fluid Pressure (bar): 100. Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C): 50. Sound level (dBA): 74. Sealing packing Bellows: Polyethylene. Upper and lower GT: polyethylene. Weight (kg) – wall-mounted: 20. Wetted parts: Stainless steel. Height (cm): 62.2. Width (cm): 33. Depth (cm): 21.

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