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Global Finishing Solutions Continuous Process Oven

Global Finishing Solutions Continuous Process Oven
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Product ID : Global Cont. Oven
Manufacturer: Global Finishing Solutions


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Our Continuous Process Ovens are designed to move products through the heat zone, as part of a finishing system. These modular, factory-built, convection type ovens operate at temperatures ranging from 100°F to 600°F, and can be heated with gas, fuel oil or electricity. Continuous Process Ovens can be used for a wide variety of applications, including paint drying, powder curing, e-coat curing, drying and heat treating. --- Heavy-Duty, Insulated Panels- GFS manufactures our oven panels to ensure quality. Each oven panel is constructed of 20-gauge aluminized steel, with 4 inches of 6 lb mineral wool batt for heat retention. -Solid Construction- Each oven panel has tongue and groove edges with 20-gauge slotted channels. The oven support structure consists of 12-gauge formed steel with trouble-free bolt-together assembly. -Burner- A burner is provided with FM standard gas valve train, flame safety and safety circuit. Safeties include gas pressure switch, gas valves, hi-temp limit switch and purge timer. -Natural Gas or Propane- GFS ovens can be equipped for natural gas or propane. -Heat Chamber- Heaters can be mounted on the top or rear of the oven. Heater boxes are assembled, pre-fired and factory tested prior to shipment. -Temperature Range- GFS ovens have a standard temperature range of 300°F to 500°F. Consult GFS for other temperature settings. -Controls- GFS’ Continuous Process Oven comes standard with the INSIGHT control panel. This PLC-based control system continuously monitors all systems for safety and function. The simplistic setup and operating screens, along with built-in help screens, provide the operator with the current status of the oven. The remote operator station comes standard with a pre-wired cable assembly for fast, easy wiring between the operator and the control panel. -Recirculation Ductwork (Interior)- GFS continuous ovens come standard with 20-gauge internal recirculation ductwork with adjustable discharge nozzles. -Fans & Motors- GFS ovens include an insulated plug fan with a TEFC motor, and a backward inclined centrifugal exhaust fan.