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Binks Millennium 3000 Respirator Large

Model No. Model No. 40-143 Manufacturer: Binks

Price: $111.00

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Size: Large


The Millennium 3000 Respirator, with its standard configuration, protects against organic vapors and oil-bearing particulate and mists. Representing the finest in traditional respirators, it provides the fit, comfort, durability and protection of a conventional halfmask respirator. The Millennium 3000 features the finest quality facepiece for outstanding comfort and durability. This soft and comfortable silicone facepiece stands up to repeated cleanings and exposure to paints and solvents without deterioration. Ready to use right out of the box, Binks Millennium 3000 Respirator was designed with finishing professionals in mind.


  • Meets OSHA requirements for approved respirator.
  • Finest quality silicone facepiece for outstanding comfort.
  • Easy to use with fast and easy cleanup.
  • Combination cradle/neckstrap for a non-slip comfortable fit Item.
  • Will not deteriorate after repeated washing & exposure to paints/solvents.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Strong and durable
  • Sizes to fit most painters and technicians
  • Replaceable cartridges

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