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Liquid Finishing Equipment


Liquid Finishing Equipment, Liquid Coating and Adhesive Sprays

Adhesive spray

Atomizing liquid coatings is where this industry all began. Speed was achieved when coatings were sprayed instead of brushed. Manufacturing embraced this new technology. Today coatings are applied by countless methods.

Schweitzer & Crosson can recommend the proper equipment to improve your painting process. We represent the leading manufacturers in this industry. Call us with your specific application problem today. Review the following equipment portfolio and application examples listed below.

Key application methods include:
  • Conventional air atomized spray
  • HVLP - High Volume Low Pressure
  • Air Assisted Airless
  • Airless
  • Rotary atomizer
  • Electrostatic



We use these methods to service the following industries:
  • Wood furniture and cabinets
  • Aviation
  • General metal
  • Marine
  • Plastics
  • Military
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Ceramics
  • Bus & Truck
  • Agriculture and farming equipment
  • Shipbuilding